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About us & our Service.

Your time is precious, we understand the frustration of working through search engines with a fine-tooth comb & numerous meetings and email conversations with potential providers to find the best price for your print contracts. We provide all of our supported pricing available for you to see removing all the smoke and mirrors other providers put in place. We offer our service that displays multi-functional devices (MFD) to suit your school environment, without the hassle of searching for a quote and being blinded with science.

Our unique service takes away all the pain of having to find a provider at the correct supported pricing, with the leaders in equipment technology and the highest standards of servicing credentials to match.

We Specialise In The Education Sector


Offering the market leaders in the print sector, we have you covered for all your print & document management.


With expertise in Cloud and on-premise solutions, our software solutions provide print & device management with easy to use reporting & cost recovery tools.


The devil is in the detail! We offer comprehensive consultancy & advice for lease rental and service level agreements ensuring that you are not tied into onerous contracts.

Print Management

Monitor, track and audit your printer fleets with simple to use software & management reporting.


Offset your carbon footprint! We will plant a tree on your behalf for every 10’000 pages printed.


Live device monitoring & automated supply of all consumables for devices as well as free delivery.

Professional Services & Recommendations

ePAS (Education Printers & Scanners) have over 35 years of experience of supplying the education sector and supply a wide range of products and print servicing requirements.

We have one goal in mind: To provide Schools / Colleges & Universities with easy access to trade pricing saving them money so this can be spent on educating our next generation. We provide the tools to configure & price your print solution required with minimal time and experience needed. We are always here to help with any questions.

We do not charge any commissions on savings we introduce or device & services we supply, which are all backed up by our non onerous service agreements with you the customer in mind.

We want to prevent educational organisations being tied into onerous expensive contracts which do not offer best value for money. We see this all too often and believe this wasted money should be put to better use educating our children.

Devices available (and growing!)

Available device configurations

Finance Offerings

Education Printers & Scanners are independent print specialists company with over 35 years of experience in this sector. We have seen many horror stories of organisations not getting the right equipment or contracts for their schools and colleges.

All devices offered are best of breed and are accompanied with Service Level Agreements which have you, the customer in mind.

All too often we come across apparent cost reduction sales people. They only have one thing in mind, how much commission can they make from you!

Our belief is getting good reliable equipment & service on affordable print agreements designed for schools and colleges so you can spend the savings on educating our children. Not lining a salesman’s pockets!

We only offer straight-forward leasing options. Either standard finance lease or operating lease.

We do not charge any commission fees based on savings we project.

We do not charge any fees on the supply of equipment.

We keep it very simple. Great prices for hardware (which includes national delivery & installation) Competitive rates for outstanding national service.

Our offering is unique as we help you configure the perfect print/copy/scan package for your budget with no smoke and mirrors.

Join the new way to purchase your print hardware

“Finding the true cost without having numerous meetings with providers is time consuming. This service has saved us hours of time let along money.”

Anthony Campbell

Purchase Manager, Redkite Ltd

“Have used service to help with the supply of our devices across the country. Love the ease of selecting functions and live pricing.”

Helen Carter

Manager, Design Studio

“Wish I had found sometime back as this service has made the purchase, supply and maintaining a doddle compared to our previous suppliers.”

Isabella Edwards

IT Manager, NSS Ltd

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