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We offer a variety of solutions tailored to the education sector. From Cloud Solutions to PapercutMF Print Management, we enable you to print securely and cost effectively with full audit trails and customised reporting.

Print Management

Easy and flexible setup with auto synchronisation of user and group information from a source such as Windows Active Directory.

One license has got you covered- for all operating systems with unlimited servers. Add embedded licenses when you want to control multi-function devices.

Host locally on your own print server, across multi-sites, or in environments where there’s no print server. Or maybe you need a combination of all three which is a little more flexible.


Provides built-in browser-based administration access from any network location to enable centralised management of every user & device.


Save time by deploying print queues & drivers. Route complex jobs to more efficent, high volume printers. Restrict users functionality & more!


End-to-end encyrption, SecurePrint Release, User authentication, Watermarking & digital signatures all keep your business and employees secure.


You can connect with: Payment gateaways, Accounting systems, Legal practice management software, Coworking management software & many more…


Streamline the 3D printing process. Enable usters to submit complete job requests and track their progress. Give the operators the tools to stay ontop of orders and communicate with users.


Users have power to authenticate with username & password, pin or card swipe. Select specific jobs to release or delete, view account balance, select scan destinations like email, Google drive & more.


Convert hard documents into digital masterpieces with just a couple clicks and quickly scan to email & folders. Scan to Cloud Storage takes your scans and sends to the cloud storage of your choice.

Cloud Print

ePAS enables pre-prep schools up to universities to provision and implement print in their cloud strategy.

We can help with controlling your print by directing your cloud prints to your onsite print management solutions (PaperCut, Equitrac, SafeQ, YSoft) or by eliminating print servers entirely and moving the management of your print infrastructure to the cloud. It is fast, easy and independent.

We can integrate directly with Microsoft Intune and other MDM systems for silent provisioning of clients. Once provisioned the end user interface is no different to a domain connected printer. Your users wouldn’t even know their print is being sent via the cloud.


No print server required

No upfront cost

No license or support fees

Pay as you go

No lock-in contracts

As an authorised cloud service partner and a managed print provider, ePAS provide print solutions on-premise or hosted.
Want to allow cloud printing from Intune, Azure AD or G-Suite to Papercut, Equitrac, Safecom or any other print system?
Or would you like to just remove all your print servers altogether?

Speak to us for further details.