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All lease pricing is an operating lease for the given amount of years specified. Pricing on lease options are quarterly.


At ePAS, our objective is to simplify the process of purchasing office equipment by providing a unique and transparent experience. We understand the challenges of finding the right equipment at the right price while avoiding unwanted sales tactics.

Our approach sets us apart. We offer complete transparency in pricing, ensuring that there are no surprises along the way. In addition, we go beyond conventional services by providing free delivery, installation, networking, and training for the equipment as part of our Managed Print support.

This exclusive service is made possible through our trading partnerships with nationally recognized suppliers that have been vetted by ePAS for their manufacturer excellence.

But we don’t just stop at providing equipment. We also offer a fully managed print service that covers your device for its lifetime, with competitive page rates specifically tailored for the education sector. Our comprehensive coverage includes all parts, toners, onsite engineer visits, remote support, and active remote monitoring to ensure your devices always perform at their best. Additionally, we have direct partnerships with paper merchants to offer competitive rates on paper supplies.

Please note that all pricing is subject to UK VAT at 20%, and the final price will be provided in an official quote.

At ePAS, we are committed to simplifying your office equipment purchasing experience and providing comprehensive and transparent services that cater to your specific needs.