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Who are we and what makes us different?

The Education Print Advisory Service are independent print specialists company with over 35 years of experience in this sector. We have seen many horror stories of organisations not getting the right equipment or contracts for their schools and colleges.

All devices offered our best of breed and are accompanied with Service Level Agreements which have you the customer in mind.

Too many time we come across apparent cost reduction sales people. They only have one thing in mind, how much can they make from you!

Our belief is getting good reliable equipment & service on affordable print contracts designed for schools and colleges so you can spend the savings on educating our children. Not lining a salesman’s pockets!


We only offer straight-forward leasing options. Either standard finance lease or operating lease.

We do not charge any commission fees based on savings we project.

We do not charge any fees on the supply of equipment.

We keep it very simple. Great prices for hardware (which includes delivery & installation) Competitive rates for outstanding service.

Our offering is unique as we help you configure the perfect print/copy/scan package for your budget with no smoke and mirrors.

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Email us your enquiry , we will get back to you as quickly as possible with the information you need.