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In today’s digital age, educational institutions require top-of-the-line document management solutions and controls to remain competitive. With Sharp office machines tailored for education, you can streamline your printing processes, cut costs, and minimize environmental impact.

By shifting output from traditional desktop printers to more efficient multifunctional devices and placing a monetary value on printing, Sharp empowers you to:

-Reduce print output

-Cut printing costs

-Improve sustainability

Our intuitive and user-friendly technology, including printers, classroom screens, and laptops, helps enrich the learning experience in nurseries, schools, and higher education.

At ePAS, we believe that technology should support, not replace, human interaction in schools. That’s why we offer affordable and easy-to-use solutions to enhance communication and engagement in every type of educational setting, including:

-Nursery and early years settings

-Primary schools

-Secondary schools and academies

-Colleges, universities, and higher education

-Adult learning and training centers

Our secure and intuitive printers and copiers are designed to boost efficiency and reduce your school’s environmental impact. From compact A4 devices to in-house print rooms and reprographics equipment, our customized solutions cater to your unique needs.

Our print solutions feature some of the industry’s lowest power consumption rates and boast eco-friendly features such as motion sensor wake-up, staple-less stapling, and rules-based printing. They also come with robust security features to keep your information safe. This way, you can focus on teaching with peace of mind.